+ What are your rates?

This is all determined based on the cargo/job and if we need Over Size Permits or Toll Roads, or if we have other loads in the area. Each job will be unique for each business, so the easiest thing to do is ask us and we’ll work something out.

+ What if I want to work for you part time?

Please give us a call at (712) 790-6973 and let us know if you prefer day runs or longer over the road loads! We’ll be in contact and keep you on our list for side work.

+ Where can I reach you?

You can message us on here, email our trucking manager Nate at [email protected], call us at (712) 790-6973 or message us on Facebook and Instagram. We are open 8AM – 5PM Monday through Friday but try to respond to any inquiries as quickly as possible, and work weekends if the contract requires it.